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How to Spot a Savile Row Suit

Posted on 2011/11/19 10:00:09 (November 2011).

[Saturday 5th November 2011]
I took some pictures in the daytime today thinking I'd write an article on how to spot a bespoke suit - I'd seen a few hints in various places, chiefly:

- Working cuff buttons, although you also get these on some non bespoke suits.
- Wider buttonholes. Although I found this to be barely noticeable.
- A raised "crown" on the sleeves.
- No belt loops on the trousers.

Mum was staying with us this weekend, but was out at the daytime in the conference. In the evening she returned and I'd decided to take her to Hunan for dinner, the Chinese restaurant on Pimlico Road which doesn't have a menu. Being a Saturday night it was pretty busy, and as a result of asking for vegetarian food for one and non-vegetarian food for two the service ended up being a bit haphazard, and they also didn't pay much attention to our requests on Mum's behalf to make everything as mild as possible (the food is pretty spicy here), but I think all of that aside Mum enjoyed it. It was also a good excuse for me to wear my suit, although this resulted in a few curious looks in the restaurant as I was far more smartly dressed than anyone else there. Oh well.

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