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Off to Zurich

Posted on 2011/04/24 09:47:09 (April 2011).

[Monday 18th April 2011]
Just like almost exactly this time least year I'd been asked to go and sit on a committee again in Zurich, and I also had a few people I wanted to talk to in the office there, so I'd planned to be away for three nights.

As always there wasn't even a question about flying there - my mind was made up I was going by train. However I was a bit mindful of how much time this takes up, and it didn't really seem acceptable to lose a whole working day either side for travel, given that the flight would only be about two hours. Previously I'd reconciled this by just using my own time and traveling at least one way at the weekend. This time though I'd been keen to be in London for the marathon given that Gav was running, and also wanted to be back in time for the long Easter weekend. So I'd tried to schedule my travel mostly in the evening, but working backwards from the latest Paris to Zurich train made it inevitable that I'd need to travel during the afternoon as well. Still, this wasn't so bad - I was able to go into the office in the morning, and got a few things done there, before getting on a 2 o' clock Eurostar out of St. Pancras, and managed to spend the time on the train usefully reviewing materials I needed to go over for the committee tomorrow.

I arrived in Paris around 5:30 French time, where I had a shorter than usual change, but still had time to fit in a very quick pastis at what has now become my favourite café in Paris - Le Train de Vie - conveniently situated between the Gare du Nord and the Gare de l'Est. Then on to Gare de l'Est for the somewhat long but very pleasant trip on the TGV to Zurich. Although I was very disappointed this time to discover they had no Champagne at the bar - the last time I'd done this trip I'd really enjoyed having a glass of Champagne as we passed through Champagne. Next time I'll remember to pick up a bottle before boarding! That disappointment aside though, it was still a very relaxing journey, the first class seats on the TGV are really spacious and comfortable, and the scenery - whilst it was still light - was lovely as always.

I arrived in Zurich around 11:30, and having not really eaten any proper dinner was delighted to find a late night kebab shop type place open between the station and my hotel. There I bought some expensive but nonetheless very much appreciated falafel, which I consumed ravenously after arriving at my hotel.

I'd stayed in the same hotel on my last trip, as it was extremely conveniently located between my company's office and the station. On arrival I was surprised to discover I'd actually been given exactly the same room as last time as well.

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