London to Paris to Zurich - Zurich April 2010

London to Paris to Zurich

Sunday 18th April 2010

Spent the day taking a very pleasant train journey with which I'm now somewhat familiar: the Eurostar to Paris, and then the TGV from there to Zurich.

Zurich April 2010

12:54:28 The front of Gare du Nord, taken just after arriving in Paris. Prior to my recent interest in architecture I had never paid much attention to this before, but it's rather attractive in a slightly overly-elaborate way. I think this would be referred to as a large Diocletian window, flanked by fluted ionic pilasters, and adorned with classic figures. Is this Baroque?13:08:33 Between trains, I stopped off for lunch in, appropriately enugh, this train themed cafe called Au Train de Vie. Note how the seats are old train seas, and up on the shelf (in fact a luggage rack) is an impressive collection of SNCF hats.13:09:37 When in Rome.... Or indeed Paris.
13:13:40 Omelete aux champignons avec pommes frites for lunch. Of course I preferred the one I recently had at the Regency Cafe, but this wasn't bad.13:28:24 I accidentally ordered a tarte aux pommes for dessert (I thought the waiter was asking me if I wanted the bill).13:39:45 Close up on those SNCF hats.
13:41:04 The outside of Au Train de Vie - highly recommended if changing trains between Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est!13:46:25 There's the front of Gare de L'Est. Another large semi-circular window here but the design of inner parts mean it probably isn't Diocletian, more of a fan shape.13:54:09 Inside Gare de L'Est.
14:02:24 A quick pression while awaiting the train in Gare de L'Est.15:10:47 On the TGV now - after leaving Paris it passes through Champagne region, and so it seemed highly appropriate to visit the bar and have a glass of pop.15:12:34 Was trying to get the green slopes of the Champagne region in the background, but this proved somewhat difficult.
15:23:27 Not sure if this is still Champagne region here - probably a bit further East by this point.15:24:09 More scenery as see from the train...15:32:03
19:29:39 This picture heralds my arrival in Zurich. It's the control panel for lift in my hotel. Can you see the name of the manufacturer? It reads "Schindler". There's a company called Schindler that makes lifts. Yes that's right: it's a Schindler's Lift.19:31:37 A couple of pictures of my small but nicely designed hotel room.19:31:45 There's the bathroom.
19:39:53 The view from my hotel.