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St. George's Distillery and Norwich

Posted on 2010/03/14 22:00:45 (March 2010).

[Saturday 13th March 2010]
Since hearing about the St. George's whisky distillery a couple of years ago I had been keen to visit, this weekend we finally got around to doing it. Whilst it's not actually a million miles from London (being in the nearer side of Norfolk) it's a bit of a difficult place to get to - Harling has a station, but it looked as though there were only two trains a day, and trying to get there from London looked like something of an undertaking.

So we hired a car this weekend, the main reason being to visit the distillery, but neither of us had really been to Norfolk and I'd heard Norwich actually had some rather nice old buildings etc.

We got to St. George's Distillery at 2pm, just in time for one of the hourly tours. It was delightfully similar to just about every other distillery tour we've been on: they included the obligatory mentions of "happy cows" and "the angel's share".

After leaving the distillery we headed to Norwich, where we spent the evening on a miniature pub crawl. Probably my favourite was the Adam and Eve, the oldest pub in Norwich.

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