St. George's Distillery and Norwich - Norfolk

St. George's Distillery and Norwich

Saturday 13th March 2010

Visited the St. George's Distillery in the afternoon, and spent the evening in Norwich.


12:35:33 This is at Birchanger Green services on the M11.14:40:58 The spirit still at St. George's distillery.14:41:07 Me and the two stills.
14:41:13 Here's the mash tun.14:41:27 Can see just about all the distilling aparatus here - everything but the washbacks.14:41:34 The wash still again.
14:41:39 ...and the spirit still.15:21:45 A few pictures of the distillery from outside.15:21:57
15:22:08 15:22:18 15:23:18 ...and from the back.
15:34:14 Jagariko on the A11.17:28:21 In Norwich now, rather lovely cobbled streets.17:28:32
17:29:03 I think this road is called Elm Hill.17:29:14 17:30:25 Nice little courtyard in here.
17:38:38 Along by the river, some rather colourful houses here.17:42:08 The Wig and Pen.17:45:12 The Adam and Eve - Norwich's oldest pub.
18:02:24 Inside the Adam and Eve - here's our first dinner, a ploughman's and a bowl of chips.18:35:00 Norwich cathedral by night.18:37:46 A nice vaulted ceiling in one of the gatehouses.
18:38:32 The gatehouse from the outside.18:59:21 Inside the Ten Bells. I rather liked the Gentlemans Walk sign here.19:19:12 The cat in the Ten Bells.
19:21:04 19:21:12 20:48:48 Another pub - the Golden Star.
20:49:32 Self timer shot in the Golden Star.20:55:11 Another cat.20:55:24 This one seemed less friendly than the one in the Ten Bells.
20:55:30 20:55:42 21:03:22 The ice cream machine at the hotel.