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South Bank, Gordon's and Wahaca

Posted on 2010/02/06 09:32:20 (February 2010).

[Sunday 31st January 2010]
A jolly nice Sunday. Started off the day with a traditional Japanese breakfast of rice, miso soup, pickles and tofu. Then lolled around the the remainder of the morning and the early afternoon, and the typical bowl of "weekend ramen" for lunch (this time with "vegetarian shrimp").

Went to see an Ozu film at the BFI on the South Bank in the evening, and had a very pleasant stroll along by the river to get there, taking in some nice views of the Houses of Parliment.

After the film had a drink at Gordon's wine bar, followed by dinner at Wahaca.

Comment 1

Regarding the dirt you vacuumed with your Dyson: I bet there was tons of body hair which you cunningly removed for the picture...

Posted by Sheri at 2010/02/06 11:56:29.

Comment 2

Oop. The comment wasn't meant for that entry!
Am always spoiling it!

Posted by Sheri at 2010/02/06 11:58:09.

Comment 3

OopS (F... it)

Posted by Sheri at 2010/02/06 11:58:45.

Comment 4

Anyway, I was trying to be witty...
Some kind of wit...!

Posted by Sheri at 2010/02/06 11:59:42.

Comment 5

Arh! Get back to your kennel, Sheri!

Posted by Sheri at 2010/02/06 12:01:38.

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