South Bank, Gordon's and Wahaca - London January 2010

South Bank, Gordon's and Wahaca

Sunday 31st January 2010

Went to see an Ozu film at the BFI on the South Bank this evening, and had a very pleasant stroll along by the river to get there, taking in some nice views of the Houses of Parliment. After the film had a drink at Gordon's wine bar, followed by dinner at Wahaca.

London January 2010
10:20:10 Traditional Japanese breakfast - rice, miso soup, tofu and pickles.10:20:32 I was keen to get a nice picture from just the right angle so took rather a lot of these...10:21:17
10:21:26 10:21:32 10:21:39
10:43:51 An apple vinegar based drink from Japan.11:01:17 Espresso.11:01:25
11:07:03 Our new vaccuum cleaner! Finally succumbed to getting a Dyson.12:50:07 Just look at all that dust etc! This is just from the floor in our lounge.12:52:14 Chie in action.
14:30:28 Lunch - ramen with "vegetarian shrimp" bought in Chinatown.16:39:58 On the way to the South Bank now, via the Houses of Parliament. Here's Chie in Victoria Gardens, at one end of the Houses of Parliament.16:40:01
16:41:02 There's Victoria Tower, which I often feel a bit sorry for - it's a perfectly nice tower in it's own right, but always seems to play second fiddle to it's somewhat more showy neighbour.16:41:10 16:43:11
16:48:34 ...and there's the big show off. I suppose you do have to admit the clock is a rather nice touch.16:51:00 One corner of the Houses of Parliament, and it really looks like Big Ben (OK, St. Stephen's Tower if you absolutely must) is falling down.16:52:23 Me and Chie on Westminster Bridge with the Houses of Parliament behind us.
16:52:55 Quite a nice dusk shot of the Houses of Parliament from part way across Westminster Bridge.16:53:00 16:55:03 from the other side of the river.
16:55:09 16:55:53 16:57:59
17:03:23 There's the London Eye plus the Houses of Parliament in the distance.17:03:41 ...and again with Chie in shot.17:03:56 Hmmm... not sure this really works! ...but you get the idea.
19:56:09 London by night after our film.20:12:33 In Gordon's wine bar.20:12:40 Dark isn't it?
20:13:03 ...that's a bit better, can actually see Chie here just about!21:00:55 Now having some dinner in a Mexican place called Wahaca.21:30:55 The doughnutty things for dessert were particularly good.
21:31:04 Mmmmm...21:31:12 Slightly weird picture of me to end on.