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House of Lords Reception and Shepherd's

Posted on 2009/11/29 18:49:07 (November 2009).

[Friday 27th November]
Chie and I went to a university alumni reception at the House of Lords this evening. We didn't know anybody else there so it was a tad boring to start off with, if I'm honest... but still it was a good opportunity to get to see a bit of the House of Lords you wouldn't normally get to see - and particularly it was nice to be able to go and stand out on the terrace overlooking the Thames (albeit only for brief periods at a time as it was pretty cold!).

About an hour in there were a couple of speeches which were quite entertaining, and things did seem to pick up from that point. After a bit more milling about we were then taken on a tour of the Houses of Parliament. This was our second time - having also done a tour just a few months back with our friends Simon and Vanessa - but it was interesting to have a different guide and get a different slant on the commentary.

So all in all that was quite nice I suppose.

There had only been canapés at the reception - and pretty small ones at that - so after it had all finished I was pretty hungry. It was after 9 by this point and neither of us felt like heading into the city centre, so instead I decided - quite appropriately I thought - we should give Shepherd's a call, and fortunately they had a table. In fact it turns out they're very quiet indeed on a Friday night, which was just fine for us.

Its location in Westminster and stalwartly old school approach to food makes Shepherd's a favourite haunt of politicians (and presumably members of the House of Lords). I'd been earlier this year with Robin and something about the place had rather struck a chord with me. Whilst this evening didn't quite have the gentile hub bub of political deals being struck in the background (by the time we left we were the only customers there), I think the food was actually better this time round, the service very good, and it made for a good end to the evening.

Comment 1

All rather spiffing, if you don't mind me saying!! :-))

Posted by Nigel at 2009/11/29 21:36:58.

Comment 2

Very nice indeed! :D I like the suit too, nice one, very classic but nice!

Posted by Lox at 2009/11/30 19:23:44.

Comment 3

Very classic eh? Yea maybe... I got it from Aquascutum. Not sure if they're known in Italy at all...

Posted by John at 2009/11/30 20:36:47.

Comment 4

Hey, again that... thing... with the roast beef!

Neo-gothic, the architecture. Neo-gothic.

Posted by Sheri at 2009/12/02 10:41:59.

Comment 5

About the cutlery at Shepherd's. Was it made of silver? Sterling silver? or plain stainless steel? Didn't you nick a spoon or two?

Posted by Sheri at 2009/12/02 10:46:39.

Comment 6

John: they are, AQ used to be one of my clients you know? I love their stuff, Daks and AQ are my favourite British brands! Good choice!

Posted by Lox at 2009/12/02 18:55:21.

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