House of Lords Reception and Shepherd's - London November 2009

House of Lords Reception and Shepherd's

Friday 27th November 2009

Went to an alumni reception at the House of Lords this evening, followed appropriately by dinner at the Westminster stalwart Shepherd's.

London November 2009
17:47:10 On the way to the House of Lords - the Tate Britain had this neon sign on the front...17:47:21 ....unfortunately very hard to get a clear photograph of it! It read something like "Everything is going to be alright".18:12:55 Chie out on the balcony of the House of Lords.
19:37:39 Looking back along the river fro the House of Lords to the Eye.19:37:45 ...and again... 19:37:56 ...appreciating the fine gothic architecture exposed to the river side.
20:14:01 There's me!20:14:09 ....and there's a bit more of me.21:16:46 On the way out I think - there's Big Ben.
21:16:55 Hmmm really doesn't come out all that well on my little compact camera. Ah well.21:49:36 Afterwards, dinner at Shepherd's - a favourite haunt of politicians. I love this picture - very civilised wouldn't you say?22:32:52 Chie and her dessert. We were rather jolly by this point as the pictures hopefully attest.