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Mixed Bag of a Saturday

Posted on 2009/10/24 08:48:02 (October 2009).

[Saturday 17th October]
Having spent the last couple of weekends in an assortment of other countries (Japan, Switzerland and briefly France whilst en route to Switzerland) we very deliberately planned very little whatsoever this weekend, as it seemed like I could probably do with a good rest.

Stayed in the flat all morning and the large part of the afternoon, just generally slobbing about and occasionally tinkering on the computer. Added a feature to Cheese to do "auto rotation" as my new camera has a sensor which records which way up a picture was taken, so with a simple feature like this in Cheese I can get it to run through and automatically rotate all the images to the right orientation. Which is nice.

Eventually towards the end of the afternoon we decided we probably ought to go out, and with no plan in mind whatsoever headed into the centre of Reading. I decided I'd like to take a stroll down Saville Row, and spent a good few minutes drooling over the utterly splendid tweed suits in the window display at Huntsman, marvellous.

We also made a stop off at Princi the Italian bakery/bar/cafe for some bready treats and a quick drink. I really liked this place - fantastic baked goods and a very fashionable group of customers (so naturally I felt a bit out of place!).

Back at home in the evening we had kimchi nabe for dinner, having stopped off at the Korean Food shop near Tottenham Court Road on the way back.

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