Saturday - London October 2009


Saturday 17th October 2009

A bunch of random pictures from a fairly non-descript Saturday.

London October 2009
11:37:36 I took all these pictures of a Basil plant rotated different ways round to test the sensor in my new camera which magically knows which way up a picture should be.11:37:57 11:38:09
11:38:20 11:38:31 12:37:23 Not sure what the motivation for this was...
14:56:20 Lunch - reheated lasagne with some salad.15:48:31 Chie in the corridor.16:07:06 Waiting for the tube. The cap isn't really working for me here.
16:25:26 My new found interest in architecture prompted me to take this picture of a church near Saville Row. Here are some Corinthian columns.16:45:40 Chie in the Burlingto arcade.17:48:16 This is in Princi, an Italian bakery/cafe/bar in Soho.
17:48:26 Our respective bready delicacies.19:45:12 Back at home later on - some Korean soju.