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Al's Leaving Drinks

Posted on 2009/10/17 11:51:11 (October 2009).

[Thursday 15th October]
First full day in London so far this month! Nice to have my feet back on the ground again for a bit.

Alas though the day had a twinge of sadness about it - my colleague, good friend, and reliable drinking buddy Al was leaving the company, and although tomorrow was his last day, the leaving do was organised for tonight.

We started off with a quick pint at the Cask and Glass, before heading onto the main venue - a cocktail bar called Zander.

There was a really good turn out, and despite the slightly sad note to the proceedings it was a really fun evening - everybody seemed in high spirits. The drink du jour was very much the Sidecar (although I didn't actually have one of these myself) which seemed to enjoy a spontaneous vogue throughout the evening.

We rounded off the evening, perhaps unwisely, with an assortment of late night kebabs etc from Flames, a little kebab kiosk next to Victoria station.

So it's kind of the end of an era really - but Al's new job will still be in central London, and as part of his leaving gift we got him membership to the whisky society (not entirely my idea!) so hopefully there will still be lots of opportunities to go for a drink or two.

All the best for the new job, Al!

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