Al's Leaving Drinks - London October 2009

Al's Leaving Drinks

Thursday 15th October 2009

A night out to mark my colleague and good friend Al leaving the company.

London October 2009
19:54:29 First of a few attempts to get a decent shot outside the Cask and Glass.19:57:32 ...there's one with the flash on...19:57:44 ....and one without the pub sign in.
22:03:11 Errr....22:03:30 ...oh yes, this is in the cocktail bar where we spent the main part of the evening - here's my phone in a martini glass. I thought it smelled a bit gin-ish the next day.01:34:11 Inevitably it was one of those nights where we went for late night junk food, courtesy of "Flames" by Victoria station. Here's me and Ade. It wasn't really this late - I still had my phone on Zurich time (so it's actually 12:34).
01:35:23 ...and there's the rest of the chaps tucking into their assorted kebabs etc.