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Friday Night in Shibuya

Posted on 2009/10/03 17:01:11 (October 2009).

[Friday 2nd October]
Arrived in Tokyo Narita airport at 9:30 this morning, and after a bit of a wait, from there got on a coach to Tokyo. Conveniently the coach would drop me off almost directly outside my company's Tokyo office. Spent the afternoon trying to get some work done, but having not slept for around 24 hours at this point really didn't make this easy!

I popped out mid afternoon to get some fresh air, and a much needed espresso. Whilst ought I also popped into a "Bic Camera" (a ubiquitous Japanese electronics store) and bought myself a new camera. I had deliberately not brought my old barely working one with me as a way of forcing myself to get a new one as soon as possible. I went for a Panasonic Lumix this time. I have heard good things about these.

At 6 o' clock I met with my very good friend Tanaka-san, who I used to work with when I was living in Tokyo. It was fantastic to see him again. It turned into quite a busy night out - we went to about five different bars in total - starting off with a very vegetable oriented restaurant, which Tanaka-san had proposed as it was quite well geared to producing vegetarian food. After that we went to a series of different bars before finishing up a Hub - a chain of supposedly English style pubs - this was Tanaka-san's suggestion, not mine! I think part of the reason was that this place opened late, and some other places we'd tried were already closing. Anyway it turned out to be a surprisingly good choice - there were lots of very friendly people there - both Westerners and Japanese people, and I actually hung on there for a couple of hours after Tanaka-san went to catch the last train.

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