Friday Night in Shibuya - Tokyo October 2009

Friday Night in Shibuya

Friday 2nd October 2009

Pictures from my first night of this trip to Tokyo, when I met up with my old friend Tanaka-san and explored the bars of Shibuya.

Tokyo October 2009
17:24:14 First picture with new camera, and predictably a bit of a boring one! My hotel room - not a bad size by Tokyo standards!18:37:00 A nabe dish in this vegetable themed restaurant.18:37:10 Here's me at dinner...
18:40:43 ....and there's my very good friend Tanaka-san.18:46:07 The beer came in clay mugs at this place...19:19:18 ...however what I really had in my mind's eye was a proper glass "jokki", so we moved on to the next place - a tsubohachi.
19:19:29 Spectacular!22:59:19 A couple of random pictures in the Dubliner's in Shibuya...22:59:25 ....really not sure why I took these - maybe just playing with my new camera?
23:36:03 The final venue of the night - Hub, the English Pub (I didn't choose to go to all these ex-pat type places, it was down to Tanaka-san!) - and here is a friend I made for the evening, a fellow Englishman called Mike.01:21:10 Somewhat later on, I made even more friends it appears - I don't really remember talking to any of these people though. Note the ashtray balanced on my head here.01:46:14 Another person I only dimly remember meeting, but he does looking like a charming young gentleman.
01:47:16 ...and he seemed to quite like having his picture taken too! I think the woman in the spotty top was his girlfriend, the woman in the checked shirt had been sitting at a completely different table and just jumped into the picture at the last minute. They do like having their pictures taken, the Japanese. Bless.01:50:07 I think I am entertaining the locals here.02:11:03 On the way back to my hotel. This guy appears to have decided to go to sleep on these concrete stairs. Fantastic.