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Shoeburyness and the City

Posted on 2009/09/05 01:01:01 (September 2009).

[Monday 31st August]
As it was Bank Holiday Monday today I decided we ought to try and go out for a daytrip somewhere. After some pondering I settled upon the idea of going to the mouth of the Thames. Neither us had ever seen the Thames beyond Greenwich (more or less) and I was curious to see what it looked like where it finally met the sea. So, after a brief consultation of the map I decided we should take the London, Tilbury and Southend line right along to the end at Shoeburyness.

As the pictures probably attest, it wasn't all that interesting - there was a beach of sorts, but with the tide out it was pretty muddy. Anyway, it got us out in the sun for a bit, and at least we can say we've been there now.

On our return to London, we took advantage of the fact we were deposited at Fenchurch Street station, and went for a very pleasant stroll around the Square Mile. What an architecturally fascinating area that is.

Rounded off the day with a quick dinner at Woodlands Indian vegetarian restaurant, which was very nice - particularly enjoyed the giant paper dosa.

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