Shoeburyness and the City - London August 2009

Shoeburyness and the City

Monday 31st August 2009

A Bank Holiday Monday afternoon's trip out to see the end of the Thames estuary at Shoeburyness, followed by an early evening stroll through the City of London.

London August 2009

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13:54:52 This is the Fenchurch Street station which, until today, was the only of the stations on the Monopoly board I hadn't visited.15:26:59 So here we are on the "beach" in Shoeburyness. It's low tide, and this is effectively the mouth of the Thames estuary, so it's pretty muddy!15:27:17 Same thing in portrait. Funny how straightening the horizon makes that pole look at a funny angle.

15:27:31 Chie on the very muddy beach.15:28:49 It looked as though some sort of Hinu ritual had taken place here...15:29:43 Chie taking a careful stroll across the mud flats.

15:30:10 Clearly there was some sealife here though.15:48:42 The vast expanses of mud...15:48:54 ....a bit of the coastline at Shoeburyness.

15:50:39 There had been a big military presence at Shoeburyness at one time, this building may have had something to do with this.15:50:56 I was hoping I could make these photos of graffiti look artistic, but they just look a bit crap in fact.16:14:03 Quite an attractive church here in Shoeburyness, the only photo-worthy building I came across - the rest of the place was like a giant housing estate, and no pubs to speak of!

16:34:53 Back on the train again, waiting for it to leave the station in Shoeburyness, and we've decided to eat the Monster Munch we bought earlier.16:35:00 There's the sign just to prove where we were.17:46:46 Back in London now, and just round the corner from Fenchurch St station was this rather attractive pub - The East India Arms. Unfortunately being a bank holiday pretty much everything in the City was closed.

17:49:29 A view through to the gherkin.17:49:40 ...a blured picture of Chie's reflection...17:49:48 ...a less blurred picture of Chie's reflection.

17:51:22 Peeking through to the Lloyd's building here - I like this more every time I see it.17:51:28 ...another peek through, and you can just see Chie as well!17:51:47 ....another one with Chie in front of the Lloyds building, with her looking very small!

17:52:46 I'm sure a thousand people have taken exactly this same shot of a nice old church in front of the gherkin.17:54:58 The entrance to Leadenhall Market, a favourite spot of mine.17:55:15 Me in front of Leadenhall Market, looking a bit Mr. Gumby-esque.

17:55:42 Blurry picture of the stonework.17:55:55 Chie enjoying the complete absence of other people in Leadenhall.17:56:16 The rather lovely Lamb Tavern.

17:56:26 ...there it is again.18:20:24 A bit of St. Paul's, taken from the bus.18:20:45 We finally managed to get on one of those old Routemaster buses that are still running a couple of routes in London.

18:28:09 Chie in front of the bus!19:04:43 Dinner at Woodlands in Haymarket, here's a very large "paper dosa". Very nice too.