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A Varied Saturday

Posted on 2009/06/14 09:50:11 (June 2009).

[Saturday 13th June]
Spent the morning working a bit more on my webapp, and then went out in the afternoon for one of our typical non-specific weekend days out in London.

Started off with lunch at Diwana on Drummond Street, they have a buffet there in the daytime it seems, and although I was a abit sceptical to begin with, it actually turned out to be very good.

From there we took a long meandering stroll in the direction of the whisky society. En route we made a couple of stop offs, the first of which was the Wellcome Collection near Euston, which had some very interesting (albeit a tad disturbing) exhibits. They had an exhibition of sketch pad drawings by the very talented Bobby Baker - a sort of mental health diary, which were quite fascinating.

We also took a stroll through Russell Square Gardens, and caught the tail end of the Hatton Gardens Jewellery Festival, before arriving at the SMWS for a very pleasant hour or so sipping some fine drams (a Caol Ila and a Laphroaig in my case and generally enjoying a nice peaceful sit down.

We went back home by way of the Japan Centre to buy things for dinner - all the usual tofu, kimchi etc - and a very nice meal it was too.

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Posted by John at 2009/06/20 14:37:52.

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