Saturday - London June 2009


Saturday 13th June 2009

A random collection of mobile pictures from a Saturday afternoon out and about in London.

London June 2009

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14:36:43 Westminster cathedral, whilst waiting in traffic on a bus.14:36:51 ...and again, a bit straighter.15:15:54 Chie having lunch, in Diwana on Drummond Street.

16:53:06 Russell Square - another Cabman's shelter for the collection!16:56:12 The fountain in Russell Square.17:19:22 A pub called Old Nick near Holborn which I had somehow never spotted before.

17:19:30 ....and it was a Hall and Woodhouse pub.17:20:53 The nice old water pump on Bedford Row.17:21:01 ...I think I've photographed this a couple of times now.