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Good Friday

Posted on 2009/04/12 22:16:25 (April 2009).

[Friday 10th April]
A friend of Chie's had stayed over the night before, and in the morning they went out for breakfast and to do a bit of shopping. Chie also met up with another friend in the afternoon, so she was out pretty much all day.

I decided to just leave her to it. I was going to have a nerdy day in front of the computer - maybe even have a go at writing an Android app. Alas though that was not to be - around mid morning our broadband stopped working (and it didn't actually get fixed until Saturday evening), and so I decided I should probably go out instead.

I got the bus to Tottenham Court Road, went to the vegetarian Chinese buffet place there for lunch, and from there proceeded to go on a bit of a meandering stroll Eastwards, with a quick stop off at the British Musuem, towards Holborn. The weather was pretty crappy today - grey, occasional showers, and a sort of muggy feeling in the air. The climatic conditions persuaded me I probably fancied a nice refreshing glass of crisp beer, and so I headed for the Cittie of Yorke. It was very quiet in there, which was rather nice, and the back bar looked stunning as ever.

Interestingly enough, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society is on Twitter (or at least their London member's rooms) which has been an interesting application of the technology, especially as it highlighted to me that they were in fact open today - I had assumed they'd close for the Easter weekend.

So I spent a while sampling a few very nice malts there - starting with the 27.66 (a very satisfying albeit otherwise hard to characterise Springbank), an unusual foray into Speyside with a custardy/peppery 35.24 (Glen Moray), and the 10.64 - a Bunnahabhain, an unusually peated example from the Islay distillery which usually produced a far less peated output.

On the way back home, on a whim, I decided to go into Hamley's and buy myself some Pirates Lego.

Chie cooked for dinner, had Japanese food - the old faithful kimchi nabe. Very nice.

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