Good Friday - London April 2009

Good Friday

Friday 10th April 2009

A lot of random (mostly mobile) pictures from a meandering stroll around London all by myself on Good Friday.

London April 2009

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12:16:18 This is Colin, my Nabaztag, informing me that the Internet is broken.14:51:39 A rather nice fountain in Russell Square Gardens.14:52:17 ...from another angle.

14:57:34 Seemed like they missed a trick here - why not the Horsepital?15:15:11 I've always wanted my very own mews.15:16:26 ...and indeed a street to go with it.

15:17:13 Thought I would note this pub - the King's Arms - for future reference.15:36:27 Mmmmmm a nice refreshing glass of crisp beer.15:47:00 A rather naff mobile picture of the back bar of the Cittie of Yorke.

15:52:49 A slightly less naff picture of the outside of Ye Old Mitre, which was closed today.15:54:41 I love the frontage of St. Etheldreda's Church, the way it nestles between the houses so unassumingly on Ely Place.15:55:50 I noticed this engraving in one of the flagstones on Ely Place.

17:23:09 In the entrance to the SMWS.18:02:27 Took a picture of this for later reference - the Kuniyoshi exhibition.18:04:57 ...and also rwanted to emember this restaurant oddly.

18:09:29 The Royal Arcade, looking rather splendid.18:21:19 Berry Brothers and Rudd.18:22:14 St. James's Palace,

18:24:42 Near St. James's Palace, some rather nice blossom.18:25:20 ...although the colours don't come out so well on my mobile.18:29:41 The gardens near Buckingham Palace.

18:30:44 ...and again.18:31:03 There's Buckingham Palace.21:11:47 Back at home - Lego!

21:43:35 Here's me building the Pirates Lego.21:44:06 Jolly good fun this. Arrrr! etc.21:44:09 Quite busy here.