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Boxing Day

Posted on 2008/12/31 15:48:58 (December 2008).

[Friday 26th December 2008]
The plan for boxing day was to go to my Aunt Louise's house. As we were a bit early we decided to go by way of the Wye valley, and stop off for a quick look at Tintern Abbey. I've had a real hankering to go to the Wye Valley recently, unfortunately since Vera moved from Monmouth to Abergavenny we don't really have cause to go there any more - even if we drive to Abergavenny from London it's a bit out of the way. Driving over the old Severn Bridge, then up the Wye Valley, always used to be quite a spectacular way to arrive in South Wales.

I'd love to take Chie on a walk along some of Offa's Dyke - there are some really magical stretches along the Wye Valley between Tintern and Monmouth which feel very other worldly. We didn't really have a good opportunity this week what with all the family visits, and not having our own means of transport with us, however I'm determine to come back in the New Year, maybe when the weather is a bit nicer, and make a point of doing this.

Anyway, I digress, we arrived at Louise's at lunchtime, and were treated to the usual exquisite feast - Louise really is a rather excellent cook. She made a few hot dishes, including some meaty ones I obviously wasn't that interested in, and a vegetable lasagne that went down a treat. There then followed the dessert course(s), where Louise particularly excels - so much so I had to try both desserts on offer. First the lemon pudding which was ridiculously sumptuous, and then Eton Mess which was also quite fabulous. Actually I believe Beck made the latter - it is very reassuring to see Louise's cooking prowess is being passed on!

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