Boxing Day - Abergavenny Christmas 2008

Boxing Day

Friday 26th December 2008

Boxing Day at Louise's, with a quick stop off at Tintern Abbey on the way there.

Abergavenny Christmas 2008

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10:16:59 The rather lovely view we were treated to when we awoke this morning.12:21:58 As we had a bit of time to spare, we went by way of the Wye Valley, and stopped off at Tintern Abbey en route.12:22:34

12:22:49 Chie trying to obscure the little green shed which rather spoiled the view a bit.12:24:19 12:25:59

12:26:07 12:26:20 12:27:26

13:31:49 At Louise's house now, this picture was taken with my G1 phone which does seem to struggle a bit in difficult lighting...16:20:14 back to the old trusty camera then!16:20:19 ....hmmm although even that has its limits.

16:24:38 Ian and Chloe.19:27:54 Later on, back at Vera and Robin's house, a couple of random pictures...21:43:08 I rather like this one of Chie wearing my tweed cap.