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Posted on 2008/08/26 22:04:57 (August 2008).

[Friday 22nd August]
After leaving work (and the usual beer-and-pizza event, a very brief one for me on this occasion) I got a call from Chie who suggested it would be nice to do a spot of early evening shopping. So I hopped on a bus, and got off at one end of Piccadilly. I then had a jolly nice meandering stroll from there down to Fortnum and Mason, where I met Chie.

After a quick whizz round F&M, Chie proposed going for a quick drink at an interesting bar she'd found - on the 5th floor of Waterstone's on Piccadilly. It was a fairly swish cocktail bar, with a bit of a view out over London thanks to being on the 5th floor. I had a St James's Martini, which seemed to comprise a huge slug of Hendrick's gin in a glass which had first been swilled round with a dash of Vermouth. I don't think I've ever really had a "proper" Martini before, and have to say I rather enjoyed it. It reminded me of the giddy sense of light headedness I'd get from drinking in my early twenties - somehow alcohol seems to effect you different as you get older.

After that we broke our rule about not eating out in August and had a surprisingly good veggie burger at the unpromising looking "Ultimate Burger" in Soho.

We then rounded off our "shopping night out" by buying some Japanese food and drink at Rice Wine.

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