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Not Eating Out

Posted on 2008/08/09 10:21:21 (August 2008).

[Sunday 3rd August]
Not a particularly eventful day. Chie went out for a spot of shopping in the afternoon, and I met up with her in Sloane Square a bit later on. I did my best to be patient as Chie adopted her usual aimless meandering style of shopping, but was pleased that she did actually finally buy something just before the shops closed - albeit something she didn't really need - a new bag to take to Simon and Vanessa's wedding next weekend. We stopped off on the way back for a late Sunday afternoon pint at the Fox and Hounds, which was jolly nice.

Oh by the way, we've decided as an experiment to try not eating out for all of August. Or at least not when it's just the two of us - if we're going out with other people then that would be fine, but it started to feel like when it was just the two of us our motivation for eating out was more laziness than anything else. The other thing that prompted this experiment was the number of times we've been disappointed by dining out - in light of which it often seems like a huge waste of money.

Perhaps as an even more useful experiment I should go back and add up how much I have spent in restaurants each month since we've been living in London. I suspect it would be a frightening amount!

In the evening I made a kind of shepherd's pie for dinner. I somewhat underestimated the amount of potatoes I'd need - I obviously wasn't currently listening to my natural instinct for Peoria (see the Meaning of Liff for details). So it came out as a big dish of mince (vegetarian of course) with a thin crust of potato - almost a garnish. Despite that, taste-wise it was actually quite good - I had cooked the mince in Sam Smith's Imperial Stout, and the mashed potato contained some Laphroaig cheese. So more of a brewer's / distiller's pie than a shepherd's pie really.

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