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Lorenzo Pirisino

Posted on 2008/04/14 11:04:19 (April 2008).

[Thursday 10th April]
Work was a slight improvement I suppose - there was a bit of fire fighting (in the IT sense that is, I don't mean that literally) to do, which jut about always seems to fall on my plate. I guess it gives me a short term sense of purpose so I actually found it to be quite a relief.

Anywho, the trivialities of work aside, today's main event was that my old friend Mr Lorenzo Pirisino was in London, for one night only, and we had arranged to meet up.

The last time we'd seen Lorenzo had been just before we left Japan, and I don't think Lorenzo and I had ever really spent any time in London together, other than perhaps a couple of days out way back when we were students. So I was keen to share with him some of my favourite places, and as such the plan for the evening required very little thought.

We met at Holborn just before 7, and started the evening off at Asadal, the Korean restaurant located conveniently right next door to Holborn tube. Therein I ate a lot of tofu and kimchi, whilst Chie and Lorenzo had a selection of barbecued meats.

Whilst there, we talked about work and money - yes I know, it doesn't sound very exciting. On the subject of possible places Lorenzo might consider living in the future (given, in part, the current slightly ropey economic situation in Italy) I asked him what he thought of Switzerland.

"It's crap.", he promptly and firmly replied.

It is very gratifying to know your old friends haven't changed.

After dinner we moved on to the first of my two favourite London pubs - the Cittie of Yorke. We just had one-and-a-bit drinks there, and sat for a short while appreciating that marvellous interior. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I met Lorenzo through a role playing games club at university, but anyway because of that it seemed somewhat fitting to be spending time with Lox now in a venue which does look a bit like something out of Dungeons and Dragons.

Next up was of course Ye Olde Mitre with similar olde worlde appeal (in fact much more so), and I'd like to think that went down well with Lorenzo as well.

We rounded off the evening with a visit to the whisky society, to sample a couple of fine drams - although ideally, had Lorenzo been staying another night, we would have saved this for another evening, as I suspect by this point our taste buds were not at their most receptive.

It was great to see Lorenzo again of course, and fabulous to have this opportunity to show him some of my favourite places, as he has often done with me in Florence.

Will post some pictures soon.

Comment 1

Yes, it's really great to discover your old friends are reliable! Glad you guys got together again!

Posted by Nigel at 2008/04/14 15:43:39.

Comment 2

There is a certain "safeness" that I always perceive before meeting up with John. It's always like we met the day before and this time there was no difference. I just hope that next time we meet we can actually take a bit of time off together without having to think about having to go to work the day after... But still it was great to meet John, to me it can't really get any better! :D

Posted by Lox at 2008/04/14 17:47:56.

Comment 3

Oh, and I like the way he copies my blog threads!

Posted by Lox at 2008/04/14 17:48:22.

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