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Ordering an Exercise Bike

Posted on 2008/04/14 09:16:41 (April 2008).

[Saturday 5th April]
Perhaps the most "at risk" item on my New (Financial) Year's Resolutions is the one relating to exercise. I had been thinking about buying an exercise bike for almost a year now, and never really quite got round to it. So today I decided some forthright action was needed, and with Chie in tow I marched purposefully in the direction of Peter Jones on Sloane Square. Therein I went straight to the home fitness department and then began to construct a convincing argument for myself for why I should just buy the cheapest one and be done with it.

I could tell by the clothing of the shop assistant who came to "assist" that he was the resident fitness specialist. He felt duty bound to do a bit of a sales pitch, which was wholly pointless as I had already made up my mind what to buy, and besides, people like me are conversationally incompatible with the sort of person who actually enjoyed PE in school (and ill-advisedly chose to base some of their future career decisions on that fact).

Anyway, I ordered an exercise bike costing about 200, with only a minimal set of bells and whistles, which would be delivered in just over a week's time. I was one step closer on my path to getting over my complete inability to do any kind of exercise. Of course, the trap most people fall into is to buy the bike simply to satisfy that sense of guilt, and then end up leaving it in a corner and never using it. I think I am more susceptible than most to this sort of eventuality. So my plan is to set a weekly target - 10 miles a week sounds adequate to start with - and I shall report status on a weekly basis via this blog.

After leaving Peter Jones, given that we were in the area, we did a bit more shopping along King's Road. I feel secretly quite smug about the fact that we are within walking distance of this very haughty-taughty area, and can do our weekly shop here should we so decide. We picked up a couple of cakes at a little delicatessen there, and then went into Waitrose for everything else.

Back at the flat, we had a spot of afternoon tea with those cakes, which were rather nice. Then later on for dinner I made a creamy porcini sauce to go with pasta (using dried porcini) which came out rather well.

Comment 1

Good on you, John. My top tip is to try and make it part of your routine. :)

Posted by Rob Lang at 2008/04/14 10:08:09.

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