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Back at Work, and New Year's Resolutions

Posted on 2008/04/05 08:44:28 (April 2008).

[Tuesday 1st April]
First day back at work after my holiday. I had thought it might be a bit of an ordeal going back into the office the day after a long haul flight from Japan, but in actual fact it wasn't too bad. I suppose in retrospect I've done this sort of thing so many times now (and this isn't as bad as when I used to fly to Seattle, arrive Monday morning and go straight into the office). So I guess I've just got used to it. Both on the way out and the way back from Japan this time I actually seemed to just completely cheat jetlag - none of the usual waking up at 4AM and not being able to get back to sleep.

So the day at work wasn't too bad, I didn't have quite the mountain of mail I was expecting - apparently it had been a fairly quiet couple of weeks while I was away, no major emergencies and lots of other people had been on vacation, business trips, training courses etc.

I didn't do a particularly good job of instigating New Year's Resolutions in January, so I'm going to use the start of the financial year as a second opportunity to do this.

Moreover our break in Japan has been a good opportunity to take stock of life in the UK, particularly given that when we told people we lived in London most people there said "Wow - that must be so exciting!" and I thought, well, errr not really - we hardly ever do anything here. So with this, plus a couple of other long running concerns I've had, I have come up with some New (Financial) Year's Resolutions:

1) Do at least one thing each week that makes it worthwhile living in London. I.e. go to the theatre, visit a museum, visit a park, etc.

2) Meet up with an old friend (anyone we knew from before when we moved to Japan in 2005) at least once a month.

3) Buy an exercise bike, and cycle X miles on it each week (exact figure still TBD).

I shall attempt to keep track of how successfully these go via this blog.

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