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A Bit More Culture

Posted on 2008/04/05 09:30:54 (April 2008).

[Friday 4th April]
A day at work largely consumed with writing "peer reviews" - we're in the half year review cycle which means we're all required to report on our peers' performance. It's a bit of an odd thing really - it is natural to develop friendships with the people you work with, but then at my company twice a year you're expected to evaluate those people objectively, and that feedback will go into determining their future pay rises, bonuses etc.

Given that it is hard to write that sort of thing while the people you're writing about are peering over your shoulder, and my team is in an open plan area, I decided it only right to find somewhere a bit more private to go and write. So I actually spent most of today sitting in the cafe, which was rather nice.

Anyway, at the end of the working day I went along to the usual Friday beer-and-pizza event, which I haven't actually been to for quite a while what with being on holiday and having had meetings around that time for several of the Fridays leading up to that. That was jolly nice - it was even (almost) warm enough to stand out on the balcony for a short while.

Left the office around 7:30 and met up with Chie on the way back, to go to the Tate Britain - I suppose this also factored into item (1) on my list of new year's resolutions. Every now and again they open late on a Friday, and seemingly try and turn it into a more social venue - with music, a bar, etc. We didn't stay long - it was full of young trendy arty types and frankly I felt a bit alienated, but still, it was another tick in the new year's resolution box.

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