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Day Off

Posted on 2007/12/30 11:21:09 (December 2007).

[Friday 28th December]
Given that I had finished the year with more holiday than I could carry over, I'd had no choice but to take the days in between Christmas and New Year off work. This suited me quite well though, as with the possible exception of when I was working in Japan I don't think I've ever worked over that period. I'd like to say it meant I'd have a complete break from work for almost two weeks, but the reality thus far is that I've been fighting fires just about every day of my "holiday".

Chie went into work today though, as her holiday year goes from April - April, and she wanted to save some for a trip back to Japan (we're vaguely pencilling it in for some time in March).

So with the exception of a couple of work related interferences, for the first time (in the week I'd so far been off work) I actually had a day without any compulsion to do shopping or entertaining or anything. I did gloriously little - a lot of catching up on sleeping, and a fair bit of slobbing about in front of the telly. I watched The Golden Voyage of Sinbad in the afternoon which I assume I'd seen as a kid, and predictably had lost some of its sparkle in the interim. I was able to forgive the stop-frame animated monsters - it was the best they could do at the time - but it was the rather clunky and awkward script I found to be its' biggest let down. I guess I didn't bother about that so much when I watched it as a youngster.

In the evening, when Chie came back from work we had spaghetti for dinner, and we watched a program called Secret Wilderness: Japan. There's an amusing review of it here. I especially liked it as there was a short sequence filmed at the famous gate in Miyajima where we got married - when I checked jut now the BBC had a video on their site (not sure how long that will remain there) and the Miyajima bit features at about 28:30 onwards.

We also watched The Castle of Cagliostro which I'd recorded off the telly a couple of days prior. It seems there was a whole slew of Miyazaki films on TV over Christmas. It's the first film I'd ever seen one of the Lupin series, and I really rather like it.

Comment 1

Glad you enjoyed my review of Wilderness Japan! :)

Posted by Mike at 2007/12/31 11:55:18.

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