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Currently we just have the official pictures and some pictures taken with my own camera here. There were plenty more cameras at the wedding though! If you were there and have some pictures you don't mind sharing, then please get in touch...

The Official Pictures


The Official Pictures
Pictures taken by the official photographer. These cover the ceremony and the main reception.

Pictures from my Camera

Day Before
Thursday 7th December 2006
A couple of pictures taken whilst out having a few drinks with the guests who'd arrived the night before the big day.

Friday 8th December 2006
Pictures from the big day itself. First a traditional Shinto ceremony at Itsukushima shrine on Miyajima, the island where some of Chie's family are from. Next the reception on a cruise liner that took us from Miyajima to Hiroshima. Finally the "nijikai" or second party at an Irish Pub in the city centre.

Day After
Saturday 9th December 2006
As some of Chie's friends stayed on, the wedding celebrations rolled over a little into the following day (albeit in a much lower key) and there's a few more pictures of me, Chie and our guests out and about in Hiroshima.