John and Chie's Wedding in Japan

Day After - John and Chie's Wedding in Japan

Day After

Saturday 9th December 2006

As some of Chie's friends stayed on, the wedding celebrations rolled over a little into the following day (albeit in a much lower key) and there's a few more pictures of me, Chie and our guests out and about in Hiroshima.

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12:44:01 Me and Tanaka-san met up at the end of the morning at the Atomic Bomb Dome (more or less the only structure in the centre of Hiroshima to even partuially survive the impact), and as it was such a significant location it seemed only appropiate to take a picture of us both here.

13:04:20 Being in Hiroshima, lunch with the remaining guests was of course going to be Okonomiyaki - so hee's a nice group shot of the remaining guests outside the restaurant.

13:09:01 ...oh and another one outside the restaurant taken while we waited for a table. The girls here are looking through a photo album Hide-san had made for us as a wedding present.

13:29:44 Inside the okonomiyaki place, there was a short and slightly amusing discussion amongst the men about whether or not it would be appropriate to have a beer with lunch. Hopefully this photo makes the outcome pretty clear.

13:39:18 Tanaka-san and Masashi-san with their respective okonomiyaki.

13:40:17 Me and Chie with ours (and the all important hera - spatula type things).

20:08:55 Later on we met up with the very last remaining guests for one final, final, final little celebration at this Italian restaurant called Monte Tina, which Chie and I rather like.

20:15:34 The girls digging into pizza... and that's the lot!