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Posted on 2007/10/20 10:02:30 (October 2007).

[Wednesday 17th October]
Today marked one year since Chie and I "officially" got married - the day we filled out all the paperwork.

So to mark the occasion we went out for dinner, at a place I'd been wanting to go to for some time - a Scottish restaurant (!) called Boisdale. It is somewhat upmarket, and I saw written somewhere that it has a bit of a gentleman's club feel to it, which I suppose is probably a fair comment. There definitely was a very refined ambience about the place, lots of middle aged men in suits who I suspect knew the waiters by name (surname of course), that sort of thing.

Unfortunately this also means it was bloody expensive! My main course was a small plate of gnocchi, with some wild mushrooms, which came to an outrageous 20 pounds. There really wasn't anything that special about it either - the wild mushrooms weren't hugely flavoursome, and the gnocchi themselves were more like little balls of mash potato. I just can't see how they can justify charging that price for that dish.

Still, grumbling about the exorbitant pricing aside, it was a pleasant evening I suppose. After 10 they had live jazz - sort of a ragtime theme to it - which was quite jolly. Plus they had a fairly respectable whisky list - the highlights being their own bottlings of Caol Ila and Clynelish. The last thing I want to do is go to a place like this and pay crazy prices for completely standard whisky I can buy anywhere, so having their own bottlings was a smart move.

Oh, and I did the unthinkable - I tried a whisky cocktail. I was driven to it by having already exhauted the whisky list of all the interesting things that had price tags on them I was prepared to pay, and wanted to have something different. So I had a Peat's Manhattan - like a Manhattan, but with Laphroaig in it. I certainly won't make a habit out of this, but it was an interesting experience as a one off.

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Posted by Lox at 2007/10/20 14:52:12.

Comment 2

Congratulations and Happy Aniversary to you both

Posted by Jerry at 2007/10/22 01:03:24.

Comment 3

Yes, and Many Happy Returns (the wedding anniversary, not necessarily the restaurant!!!)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/10/24 07:31:20.

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