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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Posted on 2006/10/19 13:09:50 (October 2006).

[Tuesday 17th October]
Today I worked from home in the morning, then took the afternoon off to handle some paperwork. I signed the contract for my new job and dropped it off at the company's Tokyo office (for them to forward on to London). So that's very much a done deal now.

Chie and I also went to the city hall to sort out the remaining paperwork required for getting married this year. So basically all the legal bits are done and dusted, all we need to do now is turn up to the ceremony in December. In fact even if we didn't, we'd still be married according to Japanese law.

So, items remaining on the todo list for the future: work my arse off, have kids, retire and then die.

I'm just full of beans this week aren't I?

Comment 1

So you ARE married then! How is it? How does it feels? Come on, before you get on point 2 (work your arse off) let us know something!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/19 13:30:56.

Comment 2

It's like being one step closer to being dead.

Posted by John at 2006/10/19 14:01:28.

Comment 3

John look at it this way.... married men do live longer! lol Congrats! Hope it's smooth sailing from here. You guys have the right approach set the date and keep on moving. Doesn't give family enough time to complain about what colour the table clothes are at the reception, or who's sitting with whom, among many other little hiccups couples here get into when planning a wedding. We had 40 guests and even that was a lot more work then we expected. We didn't even get to spend time with everyone!

Oh yeah and since you'll live longer you have that much more time to work your arse off and pay for everything your kids are going to want and then pay for everything you want in retirement! Sounds like fun eh?!

All the best to you both!

Posted by Malinda at 2006/10/19 14:47:03.

Comment 4

John: CHAPEAU - - - - :D

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/19 15:48:05.

Comment 5

Lox: you'll have to remind me what that means exactly (other than the obvious "hat") - I remember you telling me before but it has slipped my mind...

Posted by John at 2006/10/19 16:04:10.

Comment 6

Malinda: sounds fun? Errrr.... to be honest I'm not convinced that life is anything other than downhill from here on!

Posted by John at 2006/10/19 16:05:01.

Comment 7

As for the kids part, I am intrigued to see your face when ICKLEJOHN will come up to you asking for money to get a BEER! :D
Please DO teach the kids that saying YUMMY near "Uncle Lorenzo" might be a big mistake...
Oh and yes, please do also remember to feel free to massacre them with slaps around the face if they start making fun of poor students and being totally "twatty boys/girls"...

thanks! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/19 16:05:52.

Comment 8

John: It means HAT, but it is used to say "I take my hat off" to what you did/said, it's a sign of total respect and awe and agreement! :D

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/19 16:06:56.

Comment 9

So I'm tempted to say "Congratulations!!" too - especially if you can no longer escape the inevitable slide into married life!! ;))

The best part about being a married-man is being able to complain about it!! You can blame everything on the institution: "Oh ,you know, the wife made me do it! Tuh! Typical eh? Oh, yes and mine's a pint of (insert favourite tipple here)"

You are, of course, allowed to love the Mem-Sahib completely and utterly in reality. It's just a useful vent should it be needed.

Just a tip.... ;)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/19 20:51:49.

Comment 10

Your attitude seems a little weird, but thank you for giving me another daughter.

Posted by Mum at 2006/10/20 10:36:26.

Comment 11

What? Married? Why was I not told?!

DAMMIT, YOU DID IT, YOU SILLY SOD!!! So now you're handcuffed forever! .................... Sharing your sadness!

And...err... How about the dowry?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/10/21 19:09:13.

Comment 12

John's dowry remains in my bank until he gets back to Blighty. Chi'e doesn't need one as she really is "the little bundle of sweetness" as John describes her elsewhere on this site. I am very honoured to have her in my family. What the Moriwaki's really think of John is a whole other story!

Posted by Mum at 2006/10/22 13:04:46.

Comment 13

"little bundle of sweetness"? Comme c'est mignon! I tend to call my wife "little bundle of cellulite"...! She loves it!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/10/22 16:28:08.

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