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Let me take you by the hand, and lead you through the streets of London...

Posted on 2007/10/13 11:56:09 (October 2007).

[Friday 12th October]
We had a guy over from our California office this week, and I'd been promising him all week to take him out for a beer, but hadn't wanted to go out until Chie was better. Fortunately Chie had made a dramatic improvement the previous evening though, and was back at work today - I guess the antibiotics had started to actually do their job.

So tonight we had a bit of a team outing - the guy over from the US (and his wife, who had also come along for the trip), plus two guys from my team in London - one of whom who had only just recently started.

After leaving the office, we had the usual agonising experience of trying to find a place to eat with a large group of people - made especially difficult as there isn't really anywhere which much to recommend itself in the immediate vicinity of the office. So instead we got on the tube (which was also agonising as our guests needed to buy tickets, and the queues were horrendous), and headed over to Drummond Street for a curry (something typically British for our guest's benefit) at the restaurant I'd been to once before, quite recently.

After dinner I offered to take our guest out to see some pubs etc, but apparently he wasn't such a big drinker, so we decided to call it a night there.

I however wasn't quite ready to go home so went for a bit of a wander. Chie had gone to her monthly "Hiroshimakenjinkai" - where people who come from Hiroshima meet up once a month in a pub. I vaguely remembered this was somewhere around Marylebone or Baker Street, and though I thought Chie had once pointed the pub out to me, it seemed I wasn't able to remember exactly where it was. So after a bit of wandering I realised I wasn't going to find it, and I couldn't get through to Chie's phone, so I eventually gave up. I took a very long way round to get home - having already walked from Warren Street to Baker Street, and then down through Marylebone, from there I pointlessly contiunued on down to Oxford Street, and then right the way along to Chancery Lane - I had considered popping into the Whisky Society or maybe one of my favourite pubs around there, but by the time I arrived I had sort of lost the enthusiasm for it. So I just got on the tube at Chancery Lane and went home. According to I meandered for a total of about 3 and a half miles this evening!

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