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Drummond Street

Posted on 2007/09/29 10:54:38 (September 2007).

[Thursday 27th September]
We had vaguely planned to have a sort of team dinner tonight, but it actually ended up being just the same people who were there last night - the two guys over from the US office, plus me and one other guy from the London team. Somebody had made the usual comment made whenever people come to the UK "Well while you're here you ought to have some traditional British food - curry". I'm not sure I've ever really found particularly good Indian food in London before, and never really know where to head for. Fortunately though it seems the other guy from London new an area which somehow I had never heard of before - Drummond Street, near Euston.

There were quite a lot of Indian places on this otherwise unassuming road, and many of them seemed to be completely vegetarian. We opted for a place called Chutney's - partly because some of the other places were a bit full. I'm not sure I was totally bowled over by the food - a lot of the dishes seemed to fall into the same generic curry bucket - ironically I often find Indian food to be quite bland actually. Still, it was nice to have a totally vegetarian menu, and I think I probably would come back to this street another time.

After dinner we headed over towards Euston to find a pub. For the first time in London since the licensing laws supposedly changed I actually went to a pub that didn't close at 11. It was still a school night however, so we didn't stay particularly long after that.

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