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Roger's Place

Posted on 2007/08/07 21:46:10 (August 2007).

[Sunday 5th August]
The main event of today was buying a big picture to put up on the wall. I ummed and arred over it for some time in Habitat, and in fact left the shop initially having decided not to get it, but something made me turn round and go back in again.

I'm not sure Chie was that bowled over with it, but something about it really appealed to me. It's a picture titled "Roger's Place" - a photograph printed out onto a large canvas, stretched onto a simple wooden frame. Roger, apparently, lives in a little shack right by the sea somewhere. It looks like a nice spot.

I think it makes a really big difference to the lounge, we've hung it up above the sofa, and when looking at it from the other side of the room it really helps to break up an otherwise rather blank and uninteresting wall.

I have spent a fair while staring somewhat longingly at "Roger's Place" since hanging it on the wall. I think this signifies that I need a holiday.

In other news today, I made a big batch of Boston Baked Beans in the morning, which made for a very nice dinner.

Comment 1

Love the Picture, it's really good, makes your lounge look a "minimal" art lounge, if I may call it so, but it really fits well. Good Choice!

Posted by Lox at 2007/08/07 23:02:44.

Comment 2

Glad you like it Lox! Yes, the more I look at it, the more I love it... Although there is a very slight twinge of jealousy in there that it isn't one of my own!

...this reminds me - you must come to London at some point! Although the tour of the flat wouldn't occupy a huge amount of time, the communal gardens we have are really nice, and of course there's all the great pubs in London I would love to show you!

Posted by John at 2007/08/07 23:38:11.

Comment 3

Let's hope I can get another decent job that gives me the old UK market to manage (like the previous job). If that is the case you'll get bored of seeing me!! :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/08/08 07:31:59.

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