Buying a Picture - London August 2007

Buying a Picture

Sunday 5th August 2007

A shopping trip in London that resulted in me buying a picture to hang up in our lounge.

London August 2007

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14:52:50 Me and Chie on a bus.17:32:41 The picture! Although hard to make out here as the buildings are reflecting in the plastic wrapping.17:34:32 Walking down the road, quite awkwardly with the picture.

17:34:40 Chie taking random pictures...17:34:48 ...and more.17:38:03 Me on some steps with the picture. No, it's not for sale!

17:38:10 ...a close-up.17:38:18 Me.17:38:43 Chie.

17:42:43 In Horse Guard Square, or whatever it is called.17:42:51 Nice sky!17:43:09 Chie taking her shadow.

17:46:16 ...more of the same sort of thing.18:23:49 Back at home now, hanging the thing up - this was surprisingly hard work!19:16:09 The end result...

19:16:28 Doesn't that look nice?19:16:38 ...a bit of a close-up.20:00:17 Wanted to see what the effect with the light on would be...

21:51:14 ...and then again later once it had gotten dark outside.