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No Cause for Alarm

Posted on 2007/08/04 09:30:43 (August 2007).

[Thursday 2nd August]
Similarly to yesterday, a video conference with New York today had meant I thought it would be another long slog. As it turned out though, the fire alarm went off in our building, and the general consensus was that it wasn't just a test (those happen with irritating regularity on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 - they're so loud in the little room I sit in that I'm forced to get up and go get a coffee). So this was a good excuse to go home at a respectable time - just after 7 - rather than the 9ish I'd originally envisaged.

It's always slightly amusing to me, the very relaxed attitude people take to fire alarms - much in the same way people casually ignore burglar alarms in houses and shops, and car alarms. It took a good few minutes for everyone to "evacuate" (read, leave when convenient to do so) the building, and I for one decided to pop to the toilet on my way out.

Oh and by the way, my office hasn't burned down, the alarm was set off by accident by some maintenance people, apparently.

So Chie and I decided we'd pop out for dinner today, as neither of us felt particularly like cooking. We went to the Pizza Express just round the corner from our flat. It's the first time we've actually eaten in there (having once before picked up a couple of pizzas to takeaway there), and it was inoffensive and pleasant, in the way Pizza Expresses always are. Actually I'm being unfairly aloof in my choice of adjectives there - I actually really like Pizza Express, however feel some shame in admitting this given it's unavoidably homogeneous chain restaurant nature.

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