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Old Friends and Tom's Birthday

Posted on 2007/03/11 20:37:49 (March 2007).

[Saturday 10th March]
Saw lots of old friends today which was great.

First off, Simon and Vanessa happened to be in London, so we met up in Hyde Park, and the four of us went for lunch together which was jolly nice. This also worked out rather well as our next engagement for the day was in the Reading area, and so we could get a lift with them on their way back towards the end of the afternoon.

The timing all went very well indeed - we'd arranged to be at Rob and Kate's at 7, who were then going to take us on to the venue (the Angel in Woolhampton) for the must-be-there-by-7:30 deadline. Both of these timing constraints were met rather perfectly.

Tom turned up just before 8, and whilst it was a surprise, it was a very grown up sort of a surprise (i.e. without party poppers or jumping out from behind sofas) but he seemed very pleased nonetheless.

The evening was a very civilised affair - I guess we're all getting old!

Anyway, it was great to catch up with Tom and Sarah (and Rob and Kate) again.

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