London March 2007

Tom's Birthday - London March 2007

Tom's Birthday

Saturday 10th March 2007

Lunch in London with Simon and Vanessa in the daytime, followed by a suprise birthday dinner for Tom's 30th in the evening.

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13:49:43 Here we are in an Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge with some big pizzas!

13:51:07 I wanted to be in shot.

14:57:16 Similar to the previous day, we went to a different place for dessert.

17:57:41 Strangle this is the sunset taken from Greenford station - we got a lift out of London with Simon and Vanessa, which meant going by way of here.

21:27:06 At Tom's birthday do here - here's Rob who I hadn't seen for a year!

21:27:46 Me between Tom and Sarah down the other end of the table.

21:27:57 Random and pointless!

22:08:25 ...hmmm definitely having lighting difficulties here.

22:08:40 ....that's a bit better.

22:08:50 Hmmm more lighting issues.

22:09:01 Really need to turn that flash on!

22:10:28 Hmmm...

23:01:40 The ubiqutous cake and candles shot.

23:01:44 ...and another...

23:13:51 ...not a cake and candles shot.

23:15:19 Tom and Sarah.

23:23:56 The little blue elephant Chie made out of icing.

23:25:12 ...and here's what it looked like after she squashed it.