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Moving In

Posted on 2007/02/23 18:21:14 (February 2007).

[Wednesday 21st February]
Finally today, after two months of being at no fixed address, we moved into our new apartment. I had been a little concerned there would be some kind of last minute hitch or something, but actually it all went very smoothly. We signed the contracts, picked up the keys, and by about 11 in the morning we were in our new home (and then I had to head off to work).

Whilst the flat came furnished, there are of course always a few bear essentials you need when you move into a place, and given that we basically just had clothes in our luggage, we realised we didn't have any sheets for the bed or towels or anything. Chie had been out shopping while I was at work in the afternoon, but it turned out the sheets weren't the right size, so we in the evening we headed back to the shop again to change them. This was probably just as well, given that we didn't really have any food in (or utensils to cook with) we needed to go out to eat anyway.

We went to a Caffe Uno - a chain we used to go to a few years ago, and despite it being a bit on the noisy side (apparently some problem with one of the fridges, which I eventually persuaded them to turn off) it was all very pleasant.

Anyway, it was very nice to finally be in somewhere we could properly call our own (albeit rented, of course!).

Comment 1

A "Pied-a-terre"!! Glad you are sorted for now. Hope the broadband gets sorted soon! :) Congrats!

Posted by Nigel at 2007/02/23 20:23:38.

Comment 2

I'm happy for you. At last you found a place for anchorage (though not permanent, I presume).

Posted by Sheri at 2007/02/24 17:52:12.

Comment 3

John and Chie

Many blessings on your new home together.

Lots of love.

Posted by Dad at 2007/02/25 07:45:30.

Comment 4

Could you contact reference daddy Marr

Posted by Karen Kelly at 2007/02/25 08:29:47.

Comment 5

Great news on my return to Italy, I am happy for you guys, now I am sure that you are going to experiment wild sex positions all over the place, the sort of mantra that is needed to clear the place of bad influences, and make it yours of course!

Posted by Lox at 2007/02/25 09:17:36.

Comment 6

By "bear" essentials I presume you mean something warm and cuddly and a pot of honey!

Posted by Mum at 2007/02/25 16:11:13.

Comment 7

Congratulations - I feel a night out in London coming on!

Posted by Simon at 2007/02/25 19:34:59.

Comment 8

Lox: is there actually any concept in Italy of "polite conversation"?

Posted by John at 2007/02/26 09:57:45.

Comment 9

Anyway, thanks all for your best wishes, and Mum I would love to pretend bear essentials was some kind of clever play on words, but reading back through it now it is nothing more than a common typo.

Posted by John at 2007/02/26 10:00:18.

Comment 10

Simon: yes, sounds great! The sooner the better, as my social life is a bit stagnant at the moment! If you ever need to stay over you are of course very welcome (which goes for the rest of you as well). Whilst we don't have a spare bedroom, the lounge is well suited to acting as a substitute, the rooms are all very separate and there's a central hallway so nobody gets disturbed if you need to use the kitchen/bathroom, or make a clean getaway out the front door after a bout of projectile vomiting (but don't do the latter please).

Posted by John at 2007/02/26 10:05:16.

Comment 11

John: Not that I know of! :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/02/26 15:47:59.

Comment 12

I thought not.

Posted by John at 2007/02/26 19:32:13.

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