London February 2007

New Flat - London February 2007

New Flat

Wednesday 21st February 2007

Pictures taken on the day we moved into our new flat.

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09:21:41 So just to be clear this is not the view from our new flat! This is in fact the view from the hotel we were staying in for the few nights before.

09:22:16 ...a few more pictures as it was rather nice...

09:42:15 ...this one is with the window closed, and thus not very clear.

09:50:25 ...that's a bit better!

11:16:44 Right so from here on we actually have pictures of our new flat. So here's the bedroom...

11:16:56 The bedroom from the other angle (a bit pointless).

11:18:05 The bathroom.

11:18:17 The kitchen.

11:18:22 The other side of the kitchen.

11:18:32 One half of the lounge...

11:18:38 ....the other half of the lounge.

11:18:46 Oh and the corner of the lounge where the dining table is.