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Moving Yet Again

Posted on 2007/02/23 15:00:34 (February 2007).

[Sunday 18th February]
Our two weeks at the temporary flat laid on by my company had come to an end, and as we couldn't move into our proper apartment until Wednesday, we had a three night gap to fill in. As we didn't have anything booked, I decided it might be easiest to initially take all of our luggage to my office, and then once there I spent a while looking for a hotel on the web. By an odd coincidence the hotel I ended up booking was actually just a very short walk from where our temporary apartment had been, so taking all the stuff to the office was a bit of a wasted journey, but that's just one of those things.

Anyway, by lunchtime we had a place to stay, and were liberated of our belongings, so could concentrate on having a nice day out. Chie had arranged for us to meet up with her friend Mika-san, and so we spent a very pleasant afternoon with her.

After meeting up we decided to go for a spot of afternoon tea at good old Fortnum and Mason's which was very pleasant as ever. The scones and clotted cream tasted particularly good today, and the tea was very refreshing - just what was needed after a morning of packing and lugging large bags about.

After that we were at a bit of a loss for what to do, so we went for a long meandering stroll, down to the Thames and then along as far as the Tate Modern. We went for a bit of a look round there, and then headed over to "a nice little pub just around the corner from here" as I put it. It was in fact a bit of a walk over to The George by London Bridge - but I thought it was worth it at least - a lovely pub as always.

Mika-san headed back home after this, leaving Chie and I to go and check into our hotel. I was a little concerned it would be a bit naff, but it didn't turn out too bad - it was quite a tall building so offered some nice views out over the city. Better still they had JSTV - the Japanese satellite channel - meaning Chie could watch lots of Japanese programs which she seemed very pleased about! Given how generic hotel rooms are the world over (particularly this one, a large chain hotel), for all intents and purposes we could just as well have been in Japan.

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