London February 2007

Out in London with Mika-san - London February 2007

Out in London with Mika-san

Sunday 18th February 2007

A few pictures taken on a Sunday afternoon out in London with Chie's friend Mika-san.

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12:21:52 Chie look a little forlorn whilst tucking into lunch at Subway.

12:51:59 Good old Buckingham Palace - as we happened to walk past I couldn't resist taking a picture.

12:52:05 ...and again in portrait.

15:58:06 Chie, Mika-san and Big Ben.

16:01:39 There's Big Ben again.

16:01:52 Me and Big Ben.

16:02:03 Me, Chie and Big Ben.

17:22:17 Now this is inside the Tate Modern.

17:26:04 ...and one last picture of Chie and Mika-san by the Thames.