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Friday with Kurihara-kun

Posted on 2007/02/17 00:10:49 (February 2007).

[Friday 16th February]
Another boring day at work, but on the plus side it was a Friday, and as an added bonus we heard today that our references had been approved, meaning we can move into our new flat next week. Which is nice.

Kurihara-kun was still in London, so in the evening we met up with him again. We started off at our temporary flat place, with pizza and a few beers. Then after that we got on the tube and headed over to Blackfriars, from where I knocked up an impromptu pub crawl for his delectation.

We visited a total of six pubs during the course of the evening - starting out at the Blackfriars, then Ye Olde Chesire Cheese, after that the Old Bank of England, then the Edgar Wallace, and then the (non old) Chesire Cheese, before finishing up at the Seven Stars.

I was very pleased with myself for having just remembered all these pubs from previous crawls - clearly all that "research" had paid off!

Anyway, a nice night out - a definite tick in the "it was worth moving to London" box.

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