London February 2007

Pub Crawl - London February 2007

Pub Crawl

Friday 16th February 2007

Lots of dark and blurry pictures from a pub crawl with Chie and Kurihara-kun.

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19:21:28 Priming ourselves before going out with some pizza at our temporary flat.

20:44:24 First pub - the Blackfriars.

20:44:42 Me and Chie in the same place still.

20:59:25 Next pub - Ye Old Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street.

21:20:22 Next up the Old Bank of England - apparently Kurihara-kun's favourite of the evening.

21:43:09 ...and the next, the good old Edgar Wallace, with the much photographed "Hawkins & Co." sign at the bar.

22:26:40 Next the other Cheshire Cheese (the none Olde one).

22:27:00 ...I'm looking a bit odd here.

22:28:02 Outside the Cheshire Cheese.

22:30:10 I think this is part of the Royal Courts of Justice.

22:30:15 ....and again.

22:39:01 Finally the Seven Stars.

22:54:35 Good night!