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A Day in Abergavenny

Posted on 2006/12/23 10:19:15 (December 2006).

[Thursday 21st December]
Yet again I woke up at 4AM, it seems jetlag is going to be really hard to shake this time! Again though, I think I did actually manage to get back to sleep again after a while, so it wasn't all that bad.

Anyway, for the first time in what seems like ages we spent the whole day staying in one place, and without actually much to do. Yes - we could actually have a bit of a rest!

We went into the centre of Abergavenny with Vera towards the end of the morning to do a few odds and ends of shopping, and then when we got back to the house in the afternoon Chie and I set about wrapping up Christmas presents. With the exception of actually buying the presents this is the first Christmasy thing I've done so far this year and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Well, to start with at least - towards the end it had becomea tad monotonous, but still...

I made toad in the hole for dinner, one of those dishes which would have been impossible to make in Japan in the absence of a proper oven and vegetarian sausages. I served it with new potatoes and brussel sprouts, and a port gravy I knocked together. Although I say so myself it was rather nice.

Dad arrived later on in the evening - he'd been working down in the South East of England, and was returning to North Wales via South Wales so he could take us up there the following day. Again it was really fantastic to be surrounded by family after having spent (what was for me) so long away from them all.

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