UK Christmas 2006

Abergavenny - UK Christmas 2006


Thursday 21st December 2006

A day spent relaxing with Vera in Abergavenny.

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11:18:49 The view from our room at Vera and Robin's house out over towards the Black Mountains, including the Sugar Loaf.

11:21:24 It was a very cold day, and the little bird bath was frozen.

11:51:14 The three of us went for a very passable coffee at the new Caff Nero in Abergavenny town centre.

11:53:55 Me, Vera and some bloke in the background.

16:51:11 Chie looking a bit worn out after we wrapped all our presents.

16:51:44 Not bad for WH Smiths wrapping paper!

16:51:53 More finished articles.

16:52:52 In a fit of Englishness, we had a late afternoon cup of tea and a hot buttered crumpet. Bliss.

19:45:21 For dinner I made toad in the hole.

19:49:55 Looks a bit of a mess on the plate, but I assure you it was very nice!