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Posted on 2006/12/11 14:32:19 (December 2006).

[Wednesday 6th December]
Spent the morning tidying up the flat a bit, then headed out around 2 to go and catch the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo station.

It's a four hour journey from Tokyo to Hiroshima, this time it seemed to pass rather quickly. This was largely thanks to my iPod - I had converted The Da Vinci Code into iPod viewable format (using the ever excellent Handbrake). I'm not sure I enjoyed the film that much, but it certainly passed the time well.

Another highlight of the trip was a bit of a glimpse of Mt. Fuji - although it was quite cloudy there was a narrow gap in the clouds through which I could see the majestic summit. As always I was transfixed. In the last few months I have developed the distinct impression that Fujisan has a personality, and I feel on some level we communicate. Today I determined I was getting a gentle nod of approval from the great mountain for the forthcoming wedding. Perhaps even a suggestion that he'd try and do something about the weather for me, despite gloomy looking forecasts.

Upon arriving in Hiroshima I met up with Chie and her parents in the city centre and we headed straight to an izakaya for dinner.

Comment 1

Who is your pusher my friend? :P

Jokes aside, Fujisan has got a soul for sure, I get the same impression every time I see it!

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/12 05:25:03.

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